The Free Trail Course

We provide Five Lessons for learners to experience for Free, you will learn the most commonly used 64 Chinese characters, accounting for 25% of the commonly used Chinese characters, which can be used for some basic communication.

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24-Hour Teacher Availability Online

The Teachers can be searched in Speedy Mandarin Mobile App based on Course Fee, Gender, Age, Location, Foreign Language Ability, Teaching Evaluation from other students, and even Hobbies, Religious beliefs and other different dimensions. Students can book the course and enjoy the One-on-One teaching.

How to Purchase or Activate Lessons

Multi-Language Support

Currently the Platform supports Arabic, English, Russian, Korean and Japanese, more Language package will be Launched.

Gamification Design

Adopting Gamification Design allows the curriculum to be more interesting and provides learners with more motivations. Learners are required to master the key points of each class and pass the challenge checkpoints in each class to obtain and accumulate game points to continue the next class, and will increased the Learning Enthusiasm.

Real-Time Pronunciation Auto-Rating

Providing Real-Time Pronunciation Auto-Rating and the rating can be made based on different mother tongue pronunciation habits, providing a relatively objective evaluation results.

Supports Multiple Devices

The Platform can support PC browsers, Android devices, iOS devices, VR glasses and other equipment.

Online Platform

The Speedy Mandarin Chinese language learning and Communication Platform, changes the Traditional Chinese Learning Methods. The Speed of Learning Chinese can be improved more than 10 times. Everyone can use this Platform to make Non Native Speaker friends. It allows the mass of people to master the skills in Teaching Chinese and get a Good Income.

On our Platform, Teachers can set their own Hourly Rate, the students can Search for the Teachers online, Booking Classes based on their own needs.

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