Revolutionizing ways to learn Chinese!

POSSIBLE to attain daily conversational proficiency in Mandarin Chinese in only 30 days?

CAN you reach your Chinese language proficiency target at any level in a matter of just weeks or months, and not measured by year?

With Speedy Mandarin's (SM) revolutionary approach, the answer is definitely YES!

Character-oriented Chinese

The largest difference between Chinese and Western languages lies in "Chinese characters", which is the most difficult part of learning Chinese for the majority of learners. But the Chinese textbooks and teaching methods used in most institutions cannot provide the effective solutions for the problem of Chinese literacy.

The curriculum of Speedy Mandarin is designed as “Character-centered”. Although only 1600 characters are learned in the entire course, the coverage of commonly used Chinese characters is over 93%. It provides solid learning foundation for Chinese learners.


The pronunciation of a single Chinese character is difficult to memorize as there is lack of patterns. Absorbing the norms of ancient Chinese literacy teaching materials, in our text, the utilization of Chinese multivariate composition of the rhythms helps learners to memorize a large number of Chinese characters in short time, which creates a precedent for modern Chinese learning.


Association is the most effective tool in language learning. As Chinese words are composed of Chinese characters, knowing the meaning of each Chinese character and their combination logic, one can quickly remember a lot of words.

Similarly, after memorizing the words, the composition of the sentence is relying on association, too. Not teaching grammar, but showing the thinking process of Chinese people can allow learners to master the most natural form of Chinese expression.

Our Company

SM departs from all conventional Chinese learning approaches, which are essentially based on language scenario and grammar, to one focused on a set of roughly 1,600 individual Chinese characters (字) which form the building block for further immersion into the Chinese language.

Invented some 10 years ago by Chinese language learning experts, SM has now adopted this fundamental approach and built a whole new, proprietary learning system taking full advantage of the latest Internet and computer technologies. This enables those learning Chinese as a second language to pick up the language with online and/or offline instructor guidance and interaction, and self-learning at amazing speeds.

Our Team

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